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Electricity Authority hosts successful auditors forum

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The Electricity Authority recently hosted a successful auditors forum as part of its industry training programme.

Auditors are appointed by the Authority to review industry participants’ processes and procedures and confirm their accuracy and compliance with the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

The auditors attended the forum at the Authority’s office to discuss a range of Code and compliance topics and learn about new developments.

The forum was opened by the Authority’s Chief Executive Sarah Gilles, and Airihi Mahuika, General Manager of Legal, Monitoring and Compliance.

The day offered auditors and attendees from the Authority valuable insights about the work they undertake, fostered collaboration and identified areas for improvement, including potential Code amendments.

The Authority provided a demonstration of a new audit portal, currently under development, and a representative from a retailer group presented on retailers’ experiences of the audit regime. (Representatives from other segments of the electricity industry will be invited to future forums.)

Feedback showed the auditors found the day invaluable for raising and discussing issues and meeting managers from the Authority.

We look forward to hosting the auditors again in 2025.

Auditors sat around Electricity Authority board table
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