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Electricity consumer and industry wānanga

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On Tuesday 26 March, representatives from the electricity industry joined the Electricity Authority and consumer advocates in wānanga to discuss energy wellbeing.

The wānanga drew on the knowledge, experience, and mahi of attendees and focused on what the electricity sector could put its collective effort behind to make the greatest impact for people experiencing energy hardship.

Tackling energy hardship as a whole is beyond the control of the electricity sector alone. However we wanted to take a good, collective look at the things within our control and where we can influence to make the biggest impact.

As the regulator, the Authority is committed to doing everything within our power to tackle energy hardship. Last week’s wānanga gave us some incredible insights, but more as well as areas to explore in more detail that could have a real impact for people living in energy hardship in Aotearoa.

"A big thank you to everyone who attended the wānanga. I'm a firm believer in the power of the collective and was extremely heartened with the number of participants who showed up for this kaupapa and the way in which we were able to engage," said Chief Executive Sarah Gillies.

The Authority is working through the feedback and looks forward to being able to share next steps soon.

Electricity consumer and industry wānanga
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