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Investigation into alleged Code breaches discontinued

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The Electricity Authority has discontinued an investigation into alleged breaches of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code) by Power House 23 Limited and Summersby Holdings Limited.

It was alleged that Power House 23 Limited and Summersby Holdings Limited had breached clauses 11.32A, 11.32B and 11.32C of the Code by refusing to provide consumer information to consumers.

An investigator recommended the Electricity Authority discontinue the investigation after finding there was no obligation under the Code to provide consumption information in this instance.

The amount payable for the supply of electricity did not involve the use of consumption information. The consumers shared a metering installation and were not individually metered. The calculation of electricity charges was in accordance with an agreement between the parties that did not require the use of consumption information to determine the charges.

View a notice of the Authority's decision.

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