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Next steps for our winter demand project

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On 9 March 2023, we published a decision paper to confirm the next steps for implementing or further developing options to better manage potential tight supply situations for winter 2023 and beyond.

One of the options identified for further development was described in the paper as ‘Option E: Clarify availability and use of ‘discretionary demand’ control (such as ripple control)’. This option would be designed to improve information available on the level of discretionary demand that network companies can readily curtail if called upon to do so by the system operator under a grid emergency.

We have worked with the system operator to progress the design of Option E for potential implementation by winter 2023. The method for providing the discretionary demand availability information would be agreed with the system operator. This would provide greater visibility on the expected quantity of emergency discretionary demand control in forward schedules, which could assist participants with short-term contracting and commitment decisions.

As part of progressing this option, we will engage with the Electricity Networks Association, distributors and other interested parties in the coming weeks to provide more information on the potential design and Code amendments for Option E.

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