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The Electricity Authority continually monitors and enforces compliance, so that industry participants operate on a level playing field and consumers are treated fairly.

Over the last five years, the Authority has completed fact-finding assessments for 613 alleged breaches of electricity industry regulations.

Today we published an update on trends and outcomes from compliance processes, that shows trends by participant type, the severity and most common breaches, and case outcomes.

The majority of alleged breaches (70%) were assessed as ‘low impact’ with a low proportion (3%) progressing to a formal investigation, whereas over half (52%) of the ‘high impact’ alleged breaches were formally investigated.

Alleged breaches by participant type reduced over time, indicating an improved level of controls, and understanding of Code obligations by participants.

You can learn more in our update, which includes our approach to compliance and our risk framework. We will continue to publish non-compliance reports annually to complement our education, monitoring and enforcement activities, and we welcome any queries to

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