Our projects

We're working with the sector on projects to ensure Aotearoa's low-emissions transition happens efficiently, while providing a reliable, secure and resilient electricity supply.

Review of wholesale market competition

A review into competition in the wholesale electricity market after sustained high electricity prices.

System operation documents

The system operator regularly reviews their plans, strategies, and policy.

Under-frequency event determinations

Determining the causers of under-frequency events to allocate event charges.


Consumer awareness of Utilities Disputes and Powerswitch services

Improving awareness of Utilities Disputes and Powerswitch.


Impact of the RCPD charge removal

Analysis of the removal of the regional coincident peak demand charge on peak electricity demand in 2022.


Improving our information gathering framework

Enhancing the framework in the Code for the Electricity Authority’s information gathering.


Retailer financial stress data request

Allowing us to permanently monitor retailer financial stress.


Review of 2021 dry year event

Independent performance review of the 2021 dry year event.


Review of 9 August 2021 event

A review into outages for approximately 34,000 customers.


Review of low residual and insufficient generation events

Review of an increase in the frequency of tight electricity supply situations.


Review of spot market trading conduct provisions

Review of the trading conduct provisions by the Electricity Authority and Market Development Advisory Group.


Saves and win-backs

A review of retailer saves and win-backs to create a fair and competitive retail market.