About grid exit points

We determine whether a grid exit point (GXP) is conforming or non-conforming, as per clauses 13.27A to 13.27K of the Code. However, there are some circumstances for departure from the criteria in the Code. See the criteria for departing from the methodology.

Non-conforming grid exit points

A non-conforming grid exit point (GXP) does not follow a predictable daily demand pattern.

Purchasers are to prepare their own forecasts of electricity usage at those GXPs for market scheduling purposes in the form of nominated bids.

Conforming grid exit points

A conforming grid exit point has a predictable demand pattern.

The demand at a conforming GXP is forecast by the system operator. A purchaser at a conforming GXP does not have to submit a nominated bid, but may elect to submit difference bids to signal that some load at the GXP may differ depending on the purchaser’s real-time price expectations. A difference bid represents the purchaser’s reasonable endeavours to predict an increase or decrease in its usual quantity of electricity demanded for a trading period at a relevant price at the GXP.

List of all grid exit points

We have a list of all non-conforming and conforming grid exit points which includes:

  • the mean demand in megawatts for each GXP calculated in accordance with clause 1(b) of Schedule 13.7 of the Code
  • if the mean demand for a GXP is 10 MW or more, the unpredictability measure for the GXP is calculated in accordance with clause 1(c) of Schedule 13.7 of the Code.

View a list of non-conforming and conforming grid exit points

Request a determination to be reconsidered

Email us to request a determination of a grid exit point to be reconsidered (as per clause 13.27H of the Code).