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Call for nominations for the Distribution Connection Pricing Technical Group

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We’re calling for nominations for members of the newly formed Distribution Connection Pricing Technical Group. This group is being set up to support the development of a potential Code amendment to promote efficient connection pricing.

As part of our work on distribution pricing reform, we are working with industry and stakeholders to develop a Code amendment on connection pricing. It is important the connection pricing is set at an efficient level as this will help access seekers and distributors optimise their investments, resulting in better network utilisation and lower costs to consumers.

While not justifying regulation, establishing rules for connection pricing would align New Zealand with comparable jurisdictions, which have a less light-handed approach to ensuring efficient network access arrangements. The technical group will help us ensure options are workable and practical in the New Zealand setting.

We are calling for nominations to be sent through by 24 May 2024. Please complete our nomination form and send this through to

Read the terms of reference and information on the technical group.

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