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Consumer Care Guidelines Annual Alignment Statements due

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The Electricity Authority requires retail participants to provide their Consumer Care Guidelines Annual Alignment Statements for 2022-23 between 31 July and 31 August 2023.

All retail participants that supply electricity to domestic consumers are expected to align with the Consumer Care Guidelines.

Alignment includes the submission of a Consumer Care Guidelines Annual Alignment Statement, signed by the Chief Executive Officer (or a suitable equivalent). This is a self-assessment process.

Annual alignment statements should be completed using the Authority’s Information Provision platform. We are today emailing the primary contact/s of retail participants (in the Participant Register) with instructions on how to complete this declaration.

If you have any questions, have not received the instructions, are unsure how the Guidelines apply to your business or need assistance using the Information Provision platform, please email

Find out more: Retailers’ obligations under the Consumer Care Guidelines

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