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Decisions for Code amendment request process and Consultation Charter

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The Electricity Authority intends to make decisions on its Code amendment process and Consultation Charter in December and implement the changes in January 2024.

The changes aim to:

  • ensure a timely and transparent process for identifying areas for Code development and
  • introduce the latest best practice in consultation and to make it easier to engage with the Authority.

In June, we signalled we would finalise the decision for the:

  • Code amendment request process in November 2023
  • changes to the Consultation Charter in early 2024.

We intend to make decisions on both in December as both decisions involve amending the Consultation Charter.

Thanks to all submitters who contributed their feedback on our consultation on the Consultation Charter about these topics. Here is an update on the other two topics:

Code changes for system operation documents

We decided to amend the Code. Read our decision paper from 4 July 2023.

New advisory group/s

We have consulted with industry and consumer groups and intend to make a recommendation to the Board by the end of 2023. This will also involve updating the Advisory Group Charter and Advisory Group Terms or Reference. In parallel, we are considering the next steps for the existing advisory groups, the Market Development Advisory Group and Innovation and Participation Advisory Group.

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