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Improving consultations and the Code amendment process

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The Electricity Authority Te Mana Hiko has updated the information about consultations, advisory groups and Code amendment requests in our foundation documents to improve transparency and engagement in our decision-making processes.

The Authority consulted on changes to its consultation and feedback processes in 2023. We would like to thank all submitters for providing feedback on our consultation. We have:

  • Updated the Consultation Charter
    The Charter now reflects the Authority’s consumer protection objective. The Code amendment principles and the process for amending the Code have also been simplified.
  • Updated the Code amendment request process
    There is now a clearer process outlined in new Code amendment request guidelines and an improved Code amendment request form.
  • Decided to establish a new advisory group
    This group will support us to work with the sector and consumer interest groups earlier and more regularly in our decision-making processes. The Electricity Authority Advisory Group will be established by April 2024, once a call for nominations for members is complete. We will publish a terms of reference for the group once it is established. The Charter for Advisory Groups has also been updated.

Decision paper on Advisory Groups

Decision paper on the Consultation Charter and Code amendment requests

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