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Retailer and distributor industry exercise 24 and 31 May

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  • Retail

On Wednesday 24 and Wednesday 31 May 2023 we will run a simulation exercise, alongside the system operator, to test the industry’s response to a situation where available supply is insufficient to meet winter peak demand.

The exercise will be similar to the one organised last May, however this year it will be spread across two days:

  • 24 May (led by the system operator) - will focus on testing processes and interactions between the system operator and distributors. This will help to ensure everyone is clear on what to expect and their required actions.
  • 31 May (led by the Electricity Authority) - will focus on testing communications and interactions between distributors and retailers to ensure all parties are well rehearsed in their respective roles.

If you are a distributor or retailer and have not already been in touch with us about taking part on 31 May, please contact

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