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Save the date: industry exercise 1 & 8 May 2024

  • Distribution
  • Retail

The Electricity Authority and Transpower are planning an industry exercise of a major power system event on 1 and 8 May 2024.

We invite all lines companies, direct connect industrial customers and retailers to take part to prepare and test your readiness to respond to potential electricity supply shortfalls.

The industry exercise will run over two days:

  • Wednesday 1 Mayfor control room operators
    This day will be led by the system operator to test grid emergency processes and interactions between the system operator, lines companies and direct connect industrial customers.

  • Wednesday 8 May – for digital communications/social media/customer leads
    This day will be led by the Electricity Authority alongside Transpower's communication team and will test communications and interactions from Transpower out through lines companies to retailers and end consumers.

Last year’s exercise proved invaluable and we look forward to sharing tips and lessons learnt with you in an advance briefing.

We invite you to come together with the industry to practice your processes and communications, get familiar with system operator processes and communications, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

Please save the dates and confirm your interest to noting your control room and communications contacts.

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