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Electricity Authority Chief Executive to depart in October

Electricity Authority Chair Dr Nicki Crauford has today announced the departure of James Stevenson-Wallace as Chief Executive of the Electricity Authority. He will leave the Authority in October to join Maanaki Whenua - Landcare Research as its Chief Executive.

Mr Stevenson‑Wallace joined the Electricity Authority as Chief Executive in 2018 and has led it in progressing the recommendations of the Government's Electricity Price Review. These included delivering improvements to the wholesale, distribution and retail markets, ensuring the market delivers benefits for all consumers. Mr Stevenson‑Wallace has also overseen the adoption of a new Transmission Pricing Methodology and major reviews into competition in the wholesale electricity market and future security and resilience.

Dr Crauford says: "It's been a pleasure working with James as he's made an enormous contribution to the electricity industry and to the Authority. James has guided the Authority through a period of change in the electricity sector as we transition to a low‑emissions energy system and helped put the consumer at the heart of our decision‑making. He will leave the Authority well-placed to ensure the electricity system provides the platform for the country to achieve its aspirations for enhanced quality of life, prosperity and environment. The Board joins me in thanking James for his work here, and wishing him all the best."

Mr Stevenson‑Wallace says: “It has a been a privilege to lead the Authority for four years, during which we have begun to pivot from promoting strong, competitive markets to ensuring as a regulator the Authority adapts to a changing world.

“I am especially proud of focusing the Authority’s attention on the major issues facing the future of the electricity system, whilst maintaining vigilance over the current state. I believe the ongoing work of the review into competition in the wholesale electricity market will produce lasting benefits for consumers.”

The Board will commence a recruitment process for a new Chief Executive in the coming weeks.

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