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Enabling investment and innovation

Open networks

Allowing new and more types of competition on distribution networks.

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    Past activity
    • 12 October 2021

      Event —

      Open networks workshop

    • 27 July 2021

      Decision —

      Code amendment

    • 29 June 2021

      Event —

      Open networks hui

    • 18 August - 1 September 2020

      Consultation —
      Integration of hosting capacity into Part 6 of the Code, sunset clause
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    • 20 July 2020

      Event —

      Open networks forum focusing on standards

    • 15 October - 3 December 2019

      Consultation —
      Integrating hosting capacity into small-scale distributed generation connections
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    • 15 October 2019

      Event —

      Open networks forum on proposed changes to Part 6 of the Code

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    Transmission pricing methodology

    Allocating investment and funding correctly to ensure the best outcomes for consumers.

    Distribution pricing

    How to speed up distribution pricing reform to realise consumer benefits and facilitate an efficient low-emissions transition.

    Spot market settlement on real-time pricing

    Dispatch-based, look-ahead design for real-time pricing to make wholesale spot prices more certain, accurate and efficient.