Common Quality Technical Group


The Common Quality Technical Group (CQTG) provides independent advice to the Electricity Authority on common quality requirements during our review of Part 8 of the Code. The group provides advice on common quality requirements that:

  • are in Part 8 of the Code
  • may be included in Part 8 of the Code.

Meeting papers

Here is a summary of CQTG meetings, the papers considered and meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are published once they have been approved.


CQTG is made up of 11 representatives who are appointed to represent a broad array of expertise in the electricity industry:

  • Graeme Ancell
  • Chris Conway
  • Matt Copland
  • Barbara Elliston
  • Brad Henderson
  • Stuart Johnston
  • Stuart MacDonald
  • Mike Moeahu
  • Rob Orange
  • Jon Spiller
  • Gareth Williams

Key documents

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