Electricity Authority Advisory Group

The Electricity Authority Advisory Group is a new advisory group which will be established by June 2024 to provide independent advice on our work programme and test practical implications of regulatory decisions for consumers and stakeholders.

Call for nominations

Thanks for all nominations for this new Advisory Group. We are currently reviewing nominations and look forward to announcing the group's members soon.


We decided to form the Electricity Authority Advisory Group in December 2023 as we want and need to work differently to provide the regulation needed for the systems transition. We want to:

  • work more closely and transparently with the sector and consumers
  • cover a wide range of topics across technical areas, consumer interest and future perspectives
  • use an advisory group early and often in our decision-making processes.

The form and function of the advisory group is going to be an important milestone for how we work differently – specifically alongside diverse groups of stakeholders to develop well-informed regulation, quickly and robustly.


The group will comprise of up to 25 members who are appointed by the Electricity Authority.

Key documents