Standing Data Formats Group

The Standing Data Formats Group supports us with standardised information exchange formats to enable low-cost, standardised and reliable information exchange between industry participants.


The Standing Data Formats Group (SDFG) provides us with independent advice on new file formats, and any changes to file formats, required for the exchange of information between:

  • participants and the market operation service providers
  • participants and consumers
  • participants and third party providers.

SDFG also promotes awareness and use of the file format change review protocols within the industry.


We appoint members of SDFG. We aim to appoint an equal number of industry representatives from retailers, distributors, and metering equipment providers. Member's terms have expired, previous members were:

  • Nick Bennetts (Chair)
  • Scott Eason (Intellihub)
  • Christopher Franks (Vector Limited)
  • Wendy Hartshorne (Network Tasman Limited)
  • Stephen Hunt (Vector Advanced Metering Services)
  • Stefan Kirkwood (Powershop New Zealand Limited)
  • Andrew Price (The Embedded Network Company)
  • Matt Simmerson (Intellihub)
  • Representative from Northpower
  • Representative from Axos Systems
  • Campbell Wilson (Contact Energy)
  • Helen Youngman (Meridian Energy)
  • Ana Zangirolami (Powerco)

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