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Registry update for new EIEP5A functionality

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The electricity registry will release a software update on Sunday 24 September 2023 with new EIEP5A functionality for distributors and retailers to manage planned outages.

The new functionality will be mandatory for distributors from 1 April 2024, as per our decision paper on Mandated delivery mechanism for EIEP5A.

EIEP5A is the standardised data format for distributors to notify retailers of planned outages and changes to already notified planned outages.

What’s changing?

From 1 April 2024, distributors will need to change their systems so that only one file is produced for each outage, with all installation control points (ICPs) included in the file.

The file recipient code in the filename must be “RGST” (for the registry). The registry will then send individual files to each affected retailer, according to that retailer’s preferences.

The registry record for each ICP will display the planned outage information. Retailers will select the file format (EIEP or registry batch file) and if they want all ICPs or just their own ICPs.

Metering equipment providers can choose to receive outage notifications for ICPs where they have meters installed.

Before 1 April 2024

Distributors can use the existing or new system before 1 April 2024.

To use the new system, distributors need to ensure all their retailers are aware of the change. Distributors and retailers must use the same new functionality for it to work.

MEPs can only receive outage information if distributors use the new system.

Testing the new functionality

The new functionality is available in the registry UAT environment for participants to test their changes. Please contact for any queries.

More information

The software update includes other features, such as a new webservice for retailers. You can find out more, including the default settings for 1 April 2024, in our decision paper.

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