Consumers in this context refers to anyone who purchases or uses electricity in a household - this could be the account holder and/or any resident in the household.

The Retail Advisory Group is currently reviewing domestic contracting arrangements, and are looking into the arrangements for medically dependent and vulnerable consumers as part of the review.

Domestic contracting arrangements (RAG project)

Requirements of the guidelines

There are two guidelines - one to assist vulnerable consumers and one to assist medically dependent consumers.

The requirements include:

  • regular communication to all consumers on their payment options
  • arranging debt recovery in a time-frame that avoids an adverse credit situation for the retailer and minimises hardship for the consumer
  • ensuring consumers enter into the most appropriate contracts for their needs
  • providing consumers the opportunity to identify themselves as potentially vulnerable
  • consulting, with the consumer’s consent, with Work and Income to assist vulnerable consumers unable to pay
  • a visit to the consumer's home before the final disconnection takes place.

Medically dependent consumer guidelines

Vulnerable consumers guidelines

Disconnections for non-payment reporting

We publish quarterly reports on the EMI website on the disconnection process - this is for all consumers, not just medically dependent and vulnerable consumers.

Disconnections data

Compliance monitoring with the guidelines

We monitor compliance with the guidelines on an ‘as needs’ basis.

The most recent review was in 2012.